Monday, 22 October 2012

Viva Polytunnel

The Polytunnel is up! Hurrah.

It was a shared effort that took alot of work.

 Here is one of the first post holes dug on a shared work day. It was just after Danny's unexpected trip to hospital and we were feeling over whelmed with how much work there was to get done. The response from members was so welcome and heartening. It was one of those moments that remind you that this is your home.
 Members dig, dig digging in the Barley
 These first 3 photographs were taken by Frank, thanks Frank!
 The trenches! Once the post holes were dug and the concrete poured we needed to dig the trenches around the edge to earth in the polytunnel cover.
 The trenches also doubled as a good wind break, nest, tunnel and den.
 Danny and My Dad ( who is possibly channelling Mr Motivatorr in a towelling sweat band) after the finish putting up the hoops of the polytunnel. Claire B should also be in this photo as she did alot that day!
 Last job before skinning the tunnel, putting up the cross beam that would support the door. Mathew kindly volunteered to lend a hand. But we only had one ladder pictured here. But Mathew is a chap who thinks out of box..
 This is a true multi purpose vehicle. A bit tricky to find ones balance at first...
 But after a bit of practice the focus doubles nicely as a large golden stool.
 Shared work day! The task, covering the tunnel. It was beautiful weather and we had our best turn out yet.

 Up and over the top. I was ill that day but I was told there was a huge collective 'ahhhh' from all once the cover was over.
Finally a view inside the covered tunnel. Things have moved on since then as Danny has been rotovating away to his hearts content.

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