Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Potatoes & Onions

Our Potatoes have ended now because we don't have all the machinery required to do large scale Potato production. One or two people thus far have dug all the Potatoes by hand, which is not sustainable when doing the amount needed to feed people during the winter.

We have sourced local Organic Potatoes from Saxmundham in Suffolk which was the closest we could find them. Our long-term aim to grow everything that goes in our Veg share, but having a limited amount of start up money meant we had to eak it out efficiently. Buying expensive large scale Potato harvesting equipment would have been hugely expensive and consequently Bennison Farm took the decision that to buy in for the short term was the decision.

Also this week is the first of the Onions, which hail from Norfolk. We moved here in February of this year and by the time the land was prepared it was too late to plant Onion sets for this year.  This again is not a long term decision but one taken in order to provide the best alternative to our own grown veg for this winter.

The other alternative was to not supplement veg for the share and consequently have a smaller share. As the scheme is in it's very early days this could have had the affect of discouraging people from keeping up their Veg share. The farm discussed the options with the CSA steering group and it has been agreed to supplement for this winter. However if any one has any concerns, questions or suggestions please do get in touch with me at and mark it for the Steering group.

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