Thursday, 16 May 2013

A whole year, a new season and a thankyou

Almost exactly a year ago they were ploughing in the barley - which was on the field when we acquired it - in preparation for the first plants to go in the ground. It's strange to think that a year ago we had just a bare field, a few plants and seeds and a list of people interested in our idea.

I feel a great relief to have made it through our first season with a full membership having supplied weekly veg bags throughout. A great many thanks to you all for supporting us through our first trial year - and it was a bit of a trial at times. Whilst it was not the easiest season to start growing in a some crops did suffer in the cool damp weather, on balance we think the trial has been a success and we look forward to taking on more members in July as we double our harvests. It would be great to hear feedback from you all about our first year, positive or negative. We will shortly send out a short questionnaire to give you the opportunity to give us your thoughts.

We are now in the hungry gap eating the last few leeks and enjoying the new offerings of spring. Whilst the next few weeks may lack the weight of a winter veg bag or the variety of a summer one we will have no shortage of lush leafy greens and salad leaves and just round the corner are cucumbers, beans, peas and courgettes. Never a dull moment as we race into the new season.

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