Monday, 30 July 2012

Colour & shape apace!

A few weeks ago I took a walk around the farm with my trusty camera.
We have been so lucky here, many other growers are really up against the weather with crop failures, water logged soils and an uncertain harvest.
We have friends who farm in the West Midlands who have lost a major part of their squash, Sweetcorn, courgettes as well as other vegetables not as happy as previous seasons. It is times like these that Community Supported Agriculture comes into it's own. It litterally supports that grower/farmer and helps them suvive years like these so that they can grow again next year.

Our veg is doing really well, it may be that where as parts of the UK who normally have average to high rainfall have had far too much, here in the dryest part of Essex we have had nearer their normal level. It's like living in Devon but Essex.

We started planting here late in the season due to the heavy rain in April/May and the fact that we only moved here in Febuary, but this hasn't spoiled our crops. If anything they are looking quite perky.

Do you remember these plants?

They now look like this!

There follows some pretty photos of veg...

Here is a pretty courgette and flower. 

Tasty, young spinach...

..growing in a row

Lettuce beds

One of my favourite things ~ Fennel. Tastes good in about anything says I.

Lovely Sweetcorn, great shade of green. A crop that has been hard to grow in other areas this year so we feel very lucky with ours.

Beautiful Broad Beans

Flowery shot. 
We have been lucky with our second lot of broad beans not to run into trouble with black fly. And only one aphid can be seen.
Beetroot, always photographs well. It has such a good shape with strong, vivid colours. 

I would also like to thank my cousins Jane & David Thorn for donating this shed to the project. We've painted it white & I went for a pootle in the local reclamation yard and found this winner of a stained glass window.

The window doesn't open, but the shed is nice and ventilated already so that shouldn't be an issue. The loo is a compost one with a rather fetching lime green seat! We took it down without noting how it went back together so it was abit of a puzzle

It looks like it was only Danny doing the work but I was helping inbetween holding the camera :)

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