Saturday, 5 May 2012


Been meaning to get some photos of farm now that that very springy green colour is peeping out and about. The sky was a bit grey and the light not great but I did get some to serve up for the blog.

This is the winter Barley that was on the land when we bought it although it was a lot shorter then.

Introducing Danny from between the Barley (I was sitting in it, it's not over my head when I stand up even though I am rather short).

 The sky was rather grey this afternoon but our line of Oak trees are all just about getting their bright green leaves out.

I thought I would do some introductions starting with *Drum roll please*...... The tractor!!

These are my Chickens, Dorrit, Ziggy, Clara and Hephzibah. And I also have Maude who is a Bantam and is currently raising her brood of  six Maran X Bantam chicks.

Maude was re homed to me after a dog caught the Maran cockerel who is the Dad of the chicks and it was decided that Maude and the chicks would be better away from the dog.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that we get a window of dry weather very soon so we can turn over the first two acres of this booming barley. We currently 6 thousand Leek seedlings going great guns in our bedroom! Plus we have a delivery from Delphland, who have been doing our bringing this season for us, arriving on the 14th of May.

Does anyone know the reverse rain dance??

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